Dazwischen – Interpretationen

Dazwischen Hoch gelebt und tief gefallen – alles gegeben, alles genommen; den Himmel erlebt und die Hölle erfahren – viel gewonnen, viel zerronnen; …

DichtArt CXXVII – Dazwischen
between low an high
between earth and sky

between stay and go
between jam and flow

between young and old
between hot and cold

the between in me
for eternity

between now and past
just one soul at last

nothing in between
between you and me

for eternity.

(c) ideenlese 2022


 If you want me 
to recognize you
as a man,
act like one.

if you want me
to be your wife,
don't treat me
like a mother.

Without a doubt
I am strong.

But can I reveal
my weakness
to a seven-year-old?

Can I give
my devotion
to a boy?

I'm not the saint
for you,
not the mother
and not the hooker.

I am a woman.

If you don't see that,
you're not my man.

A man
who shows me
his weakness,

a man
who knows
how to take,

a man
just an honest man
who loves
deeply and tenderly.

the woman
who promised herself
to love.

(c) ideenlese 2022