Schöne Vergänglichkeit & Reprise

Schöne Vergänglichkeit Ein Weg beginnt mit ‘ner IdeeIhr Keim, er sagt sich munter: geh!So läuft sie los mit großem MutUnd stürzt sich in die …

DichtArt CXXIX – Schöne Vergänglichkeit


Once there was a rose in summer,
Was so tender and so bright,
Even in the storm of thunder,
She was there and hold you tight.

Gave you all that she could give to,
Lost herself in gentle be,
Spend you calm and lovely moments,
Strong as every oldest tree.

When the summer turned to autumn,
Roses leaves return in earth.
Only hope and deepest love flow,
Bring her back in springs rebirth.

Once there was a rose in summer,
Loveliest you ever knew,
Smell of love you will remember,
Where you’ll stay and where you’ll go.

Don’t foget the one and only,
Rose of life and full of grace,
Still her gift is every morning,
Lovely smile upon your face.

Once there was a rose in summer.

(c) ideenlese


 If you want me 
to recognize you
as a man,
act like one.

if you want me
to be your wife,
don't treat me
like a mother.

Without a doubt
I am strong.

But can I reveal
my weakness
to a seven-year-old?

Can I give
my devotion
to a boy?

I'm not the saint
for you,
not the mother
and not the hooker.

I am a woman.

If you don't see that,
you're not my man.

A man
who shows me
his weakness,

a man
who knows
how to take,

a man
just an honest man
who loves
deeply and tenderly.

the woman
who promised herself
to love.

(c) ideenlese 2022